Before and After of Elizeabeth Bordman and Frances Pink


Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the before and after shots comparing the antique to the final reproduction.  I try to keep the colors as close to the original as possible, keeping in mind the factor that age has in darkening and even fading.  The original Frances Pink was done on a very high count linen – the repro is done on 36 ct which gives an idea.  Bordman was also stitched on 36 ct, but is closer to the original size.  Both antiques were stitched in silk, which I have also chosen for the reproductions.  The stitcher has the right to make her/his changes to suit their own sense of aesthetics, but where possible I try to keep as close to the original as possible.  Both Pink and Bordman were laced to board, so seeing the back side of the antiques was not possible.

Frances Pink – reproduction and antique from 1785

Elizeabeth Bordman – reproduction and antique from 1836