Joan Ramsey’s work in progress, Leontine de Hert with 36 ct Lakeside Vintage Pearled Barley and Gloriana Rosewood.


And Terry Gaab Niemczura’s AMAZING finish of Alice Smith!  She logged 458 hours and stitched it on 46 ct Pecan Butter with the Attic’s Tudor silk conversion.  So beautiful, Terry!

Alice Smith

More from Alice’s Adventures!  This is Terry Gaab Niemczura’s amazing progress in eight weeks!  Terry is using Lakeside 46 ct Pecan Butter and has converted the called for DMC to Tudor silks.


From Alice’s Adventures! on Facebook:

Maria Grant’s fabulous rendition of Alice Smith 1841 using Lakeside Buttercream and DMC.  She has the first two pages of the border done.  We love it, Maria!  So looking forward to seeing more of your progress.

Alice Smith Maria Grant


I love seeing the photos of the stitched pieces that people have sent in!  For your viewing pleasure as well…  (If you have a picture that you would like to share as well, we always love seeing works in progress or let us happy dance with you and celebrate your finishes.)

Jane Baxter as stitched by Country Sampler.  Gorgeous!  They have done their own version using overdyed cottons available from them as a kit.  Here is a link to their  website

Jane Baxter sgcountry sampler

And Robert Smith’s completed Jane Baxter.  Amazing work, Robert!  Thank you for sharing.


Debi Eckersall shares her beautiful Leontine de Hert.


Donna Lemos and her finished Elizeabeth Bordman.  Lovely!


Robert Smith is using Needlepoint Inc silks on Weeks Parchment for his colorful Jane Baxter.

img_3095-2Jane Baxter sgcountry sampler