Spirit of Cross Stitch


Spirit of Cross Stitch class piece Hannah Atkinson is now at the framer! This fun to stitch red house sampler is part of my architecture in samplers lecture. My vision for the lecture/class is after the lecture we relax for a bit listening to some classical music while stitching this sampler. This should be a fun weekend for all!


Registration for Spirit of Cross Stitch

Registration is now open to the revived Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival! Do you remember the days of Spirit of Cross Stitch and the wonderful classes that Jean Farish was responsible for bringing to the cross stitch community? They’re back again and better than ever! If you don’t remember, you are certainly in for a treat. Come check it out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpiritofCrossStitchFriends/
Victorian Rose Needlearts is teaching two classes on Friday, October 14th. We would love to see you there!