Just a note:  all Victorian Rose charts are still in print.  In 2017, Hoffman discontinued Jane Baxter and Hannah Atkinson, but all charts are directly available from Victorian Rose Needlearts or you can have your favorite shop order from us.

Elizabeth Strickland photo

Elizabeth Strickland, 1862 is stitched in Needlepoint Inc silks on 36 ct Weeks Parchment, to be released at the 2018 Nashville Needlework Market in March.  Stitch count is 181 x 196.  Model stitched by Robert Smith and framing done by Edith Antl of Art Etc. Picture Framing.  Suggested retail $22.

He Restoreth My Soul

He Restoreth My Soul.  This year Victorian Rose will be releasing a new series based on beloved Scripture passages. At the March market, we will be releasing a sampler inspired by the 23rd Psalm. How comforting to know that Jesus is the gentle Shepherd who guides us to green pastures of everlasting peace and tranquility. He indeed restores our troubled soul. The sampler is stitched with DMC on 40 ct Picture This Plus Wren. Stitch count 179 w x 183 h.  Suggested retail $16.

Lydia Burgess cover

Lydia Burgess, 1851 coming March 2018 to be released at the Nashville Needlework market.  Stitched in Gumnuts Stars on 36 ct Picture This Plus Oaken, conversions to Needlepoint Inc silk and DMC provided. Stitch count 145 x 186.  Suggested retail $14.

Alice Smith 1841 photo

Alice Smith, 1841 is a magnificent English sampler is stitched by a remarkable and very talented nine year old girl.  The sampler features a breathtaking rose border along with a pastoral scene of the English countryside.  It is charted for DMC and is recommended for a high count linen.  The stitch count is 311 x 515 and features cross over one and two, French/Colonial knots, backstitch, and straight stitch.

Alice Smith, suggested retail $30.  Released 8/2017.

Junor cover

Christina Junor, 1834 is a colorful Scottish sampler stitched by a ten year old who included many of the quintessential elements of this genre of sampler.  These include the prominent red and green color theme, peacocks with seven tail feathers, crowns with family initials, urns with beautiful blooms, and a simple but dominant house.  The model is stitched using 32 ct Picture This Plus Oaken along with Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works overdyed cotton thread.  The stitch count is 244 x 240.  The sampler is stitched in cross stitch throughout.

Christina Junor, suggested retail $24.  Released 8/2017.

Frances Pink image

Frances Pink, 1785 showcases Adam and Eve under the proverbial Tree of Life surrounded by colorful flora and fauna. Above the fated couple stand their sons Cain and Abel. This portrayal of the first two generations of man creates a striking image. The reproduction is faithful to the original. The sampler is stitched on 36 ct Weeks Beige with Needlepoint Inc. silk. A DMC conversion is offered. The stitch count is 262 w x 250.

Frances Pink, suggested retail $24.  Released 3/2017.

Regal Sarah Fealton, 1840 prominently features the Queen’s Palace which was located on the Thames. Along with the palace Sarah has included peacocks which would have strolled the royal grounds. Completing the design are various other songbirds and flora. The stitch count is 260 x 370 and it is charted for DMC and Silkweavers Dark Tan. The original sampler measures 13 x 18.

Sarah Fealton, suggested retail $20.  Released 3/2017.

Hannah Atkinson

Hannah Atkinson stitched this delightful colorful sampler when she was only 10 years old. With its saltbox house and charming songbirds, the sampler is a fun stitch. The sampler is 195 x 197 and is stitched with a combination of Gentle Arts, Weeks and Classic Colorworks on 32 ct Picture This Plus Wren.

Hannah Atkinson, 1824 suggested retail $16.  Released 11/2016.



Colorful Jane Baxter is an American beauty.  With its red house, colorful birds, and sheep in the pasture, Jane is definitely a stunner!  Recommended stitched with NPI on 36 ct Weeks Parchment, a DMC conversion is provided.  Stitch count 281 w x 197 h

Jane Baxter, 1838 suggested retail $18.  Released 10/2016.


Catherine showed her deep devotion in this sampler that has several Bible verses prominently depicted.  Catherine was a Welsh immigrant to the mid-West and chose striking geometric images for her sampler.  The sampler is stitched in a simple color palette of Gentle Arts, Weeks, and DMC, with a DMC conversion provided.  Stitch count 217 w x 198 h.

Catherine Davies, 1848 suggested retail $12.  Released 10/2016.


The last name Kimber comes from a 7th century warrior princess that was a staunch defender of the Christian faith, founding an abbey.  Frances included the poignant verse from Matthew 5:6 on her sampler, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.”  She stitched her sampler when she was 8 and died of unknown causes when she was 20.   The original was stitched on an unevenweave linen, but due to availability. it is recommended for 32 ct Zweigart Cream with DMC.  Stitch count 196 w x 218 h.  

Frances Eliza Kimber, 1876 suggested retail $12.  Released 8/2016.

Emma Chester.jpg

Emma Chester offers a lush floral Eden showcasing the young stitcher’s love of  bright  color  and  her  deep  faith. The  central  figures  standing  under the  Tree of Life  are  surrounded by a rich garden of flora and fauna, including several varieties of birds, squirrels, rabbits, and dogs. The inspiring  verse  about  glorifying  God is an adaptation of  an  18th  century hymn  by  Charles Wesley.  Emma is stitched on 36 ct Picture This Plus Fog with Needlepoint Inc silk.  The stitch count is 256 w x 242 h.

Emma Chester, 1862 suggested retail $24.  Released 8/2016.

E Bordman

E. Bordman showed her love of brilliant color in this eyecatching red house and rose sampler. The rose has been a symbol of love since the early Greek and Roman times in which the goddess Aphrodite’s wounded love Adonis stained the rose with his blood. In early Christian lore, the five petals of the rose were associated with the wounds of Christ on the cross. Stitch count 205 x 173. The model was stitched with Needlepoint Inc silks on 36 ct Lakeside Pecan Butter. A conversion to DMC has been provided. 

Elizeabeth Bordman, 1836, suggested retail $18.  Released 3/2016.

Fleur de Lis

The chart is a reproduction of a beautifully simple sampler held in the Victorian Rose collection. Her unassuming yet charming lines show the influence of the French on English culture. The fleur de lis, from which the sampler obtained it’s name, is a stylized lily or lotus blossom symbolizing French royalty. The three petals represent the holy trinity. Legend has it that the lily sprang from the tears of Eve as she left the garden of Eden. The model for the Fleur de Lis was stitched with NPI on 32 ct Lakeside Pecan Butter; a conversion to DMC has also been provided. Cross stitch is used throughout and the stitch count is 130 x 212.

Fleur de Lis, suggested retail $14.  Released 3/2016.

Maria Bowen

The original antique is held in the Victorian Rose Needlearts collection and is of English origin. The sampler depicts the English love of nature – birds, flowers, deer, and bees surrounded by a deep honeysuckle border. Maria also included a house in the lower third of her sampler, possibly a view of her own home. Maria’s faith is echoed in the words that she chose for her sampler. The first verse she chose was from Mary Masters’ 1755 book of poetry and the second is from 1842 and shows the moralistic view of education of the time. The piece is stitched in DMC on 40 ct Zweigart Antique White linen. Stitch count is 230 x 292 and stitches used are cross over 1 and 2 and satin stitch.

Maria Bowen, 1848, suggested retail $24.  Released 3/2016.

Victoria Rose Needlearts Cover Page R1-1

Leontine de Hert, 1891.  This charming Belgian Catholic schoolgirl sampler is from the collection of Victorian Rose. Leontine used the sacred heart of Jesus with crown and thornes; the Christogram IHS; and the intertwined Auspice Maria to depict her faith. The reproduction is stitched with Gloriana Schoolgirl silk (2 skeins needed) on 36 ct Lakeside Pearled Barley. Cross stitch is used throughout. The stitch count is 253 x 243.

Leontine de Hert, 1891, suggested retail $24.  Released 11/2015.

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